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SG Fetto z Lomeckeho Polesi 

Titles: IPO 3, Kkl passed 
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1)
Elbows: SV: Normal
DNA: DM Clear


Fetto is a moderately sized male with very thick bone structure. He was imported from the Czech Republic and sired by Kato Artitar Bastet. Fetto has high drives which allow him to be successful in IPO (V Rated Protection Scores), but he also lives in the home. He enjoys swimming and hanging out on the porch when he is not working. Fetto z Lomeckeho  Fetto is titled in IPO 2 and has passed his Kkl. Fetto is an outside stud, and this means that he is not on site. He is a stud that stands out due to qualities we desire to see in our puppies, and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to use him.

Fetto at Work

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All Videos

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Titles: Second Place Czech Republic IPO Championship 2013
First Place Champion Czech republic German shepherds 2013
First Place Qualifiying Czech champ. FCI 2013
BH, IPO 3, FCI IPO 2013, Kkl 1,
WUSV 2013
Hips: normal
Elbows: Normal
fetto dad_edited.jpg
fetto dad1_edited.jpg


West Germand and Czechoslovakian Working Lines
Rated: ZZ1
Hips: Normal
Elbows: Normal
fetto mother_edited.jpg

Exa z lomeckeho polesi 

fetto mom.jpg
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