V Ox Iveron

Titles: IPO 2, P1, PD1. KKL 1, V Rated
Hips: OFA: Excellent (GS-94249E24M-VPI)
Elbows: OFA Normal (GS-EL33463M24-VPI)
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM):  Clear
AKC DNA: #V782071


Ox is a large, substantial male with excellent structure and temperament. He is extremely stable both in everyday life, and on the field. Ox is a social male, and lives in a home with other pets. He is balanced in protection work-and able to transition easily between exercises. Ox has high food and ball drives, and enjoys the work, but he does have an off switch at home. He is V-rated in conformation, and holds his IPO2 title, breed survey, and WDA P1 and PD1.

This is his breed report from Germany: Large, strong, very good pigmented, strong head with dark eyes, normal withers, firm back, good position of the croup, but should be slightly longer. Straight front, good angulation in front and very good angulation in the rear. Correct in going and coming, good movement, but should be slightly more powerful. TSB Pronounced, Outs."

Ox at Work



Slovakian Working Line
FCI WORLD CHAMPION 2013, Slovakian Working Champion 2013, Universal Sieger 2013,
Hips: A 0/0
V Chris spod Lazov FCI WORLD CHAMPION 20


West Germand and Czechoslovakian Working Lines
Rated: SVV1, Kkl2
Hips: A 1/2
Elbows: A 1/2

Grece Iveron

Grece Iveron SVV1.jpg