Int'l CH Full Moonwalker Fantom Steel Soul

Titles: THDN, CGCA, CGCU, TKN, AKC Achiever Dog, Certified Therapy Dog
Hips: OFA Good GS-100739G24M-VPI
Elbows: 12 Months Prelims Normal        Official OFA: Left Elbow Grade I Elbow Dysplasia (Minimal bone change along anconeal process of ulna)
Right Elbow Normal
Cardiac: OFA Normal GS-CA1806/13M/P-VPI
Patella: OFA Normal GS-PA534/13M/P-VPI



Fantom is a direct import from Slovenia. He is an imposing male with a large, strong body and a blocky head. His coat is a beautiful black sable color with red undertones. With his striking looks he is always the center of attention. Fantom is an International Champion and has earned several titles including his THDN, CGCA, CGCU, TKN, AKC Achiever Dog, and is a Certified Therapy Dog. Fantom is 3/4 West German Working lines and 1/4 Czech Working lines. He comes form health tested and titled lines. Fantom is a medium dive dog that is biddable. When out of the house Fantom is constantly at our side alert and keeping watch. His naturally protective nature is balanced with a great off switch. He loves nothing more than to play on the floor with the kids. Overall, he is a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality. 


DNA Results



SG Azud vom Geiersbuhl 

West German Working Line
Titles: IPO 3, KKL Passed
Hips: SV HD a-normal (a1)
Elbows: SV ED Normal


West Germand and Czechoslovakian Working Lines
Hips: SV: HD a-Ausland (Slowenien)
Elbows: Slowenien

Cherokee Steel Soul 

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