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Our eighty acre farm is located in the north west corner of Knox County, Ohio. With plenty of open space, it is the perfect place to raise beautiful German Shepherds. Of course we have plenty of friends for our shepherds to play with.
Other pets

Brutus is our eight year old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix that we rescued when he was eight weeks old. At over 100 pounds he is a giant teddy bear. Our daughter proudly showed him at the fair this year.

Dodger is our mischievous beagle, who's nose sometimes will get him in trouble.


Duke, the high spirited paint quarter horse. Who's nick name is "Fabio" due to his gorgeous mane and tail.


Rose has been my husband's horse since he was in high school. She is a beautiful red Appaloosa.

Rock is our attention loving paint quarter horse. He especially loves being fed apples and carrots as treats.


Farm Animals

Horses racing the lamb

Our small herd of cattle keeps us busy and gives our dogs a job to do.


The farm's flock of chickens keep us supplied with farm fresh eggs.

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