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Our Kennel

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We strive to produce healthy, sound, and intelligent dogs. All of our dogs are health tested and titled. Health testing all our breeding dogs, including outside stud dogs, helps to limit and prevent future health issues for our puppies. These screenings help ensure that our dogs and puppies will be as healthy as possible. We stick to health tested and titled bloodlines which increases the health of our dogs and puppies. The dogs we obtain are what we feel are the best bloodlines in temperament, in type, and in health. At Reginhard German Shepherds, we work very hard to raise healthy dogs. Healthy puppies simply cannot come from unhealthy parents. All dogs we brought into our breeding program are incorporated into our family. They get nothing less than the love he/she deserves as a family companion.

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Our dogs are bred to be with-in standard size, weight, color and coat for the breed. Oversized German Shepherds have an increased risk for joint issues and arthritis. The average German Shepherd will differ in size slightly depending on the bloodline. We do not believe in breeding oversized dog, dogs of faulty colors, or dogs with faulty coats. Puppies will either be short stock coat, and coat colors will include bi-color, solid black and sable.


Each puppy raised here at Reginhard Shepherds is raised with our family, in a beautiful stress-free environment, where puppies are allowed to play indoors and hike the farm with us when old enough, weather permitting. Our children take an active role in socializing the puppies. Temperament is our primary focus. We provide the best for our puppies while we have them in our care.  

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